At, we understand the importance of the web in today's world. The web allows us to track our packages, plan our dates, learn our skills, and so much more! But getting a face on the web isn't always as easy as it seems. Sometimes it can be accompanied by much confusion and frustration! We realize that not everyone has the time to learn all of that geeky jargon, so that's what we do! We help alleviate those worries and help support the technology of your world!

But we don't only create websites for you - we also host them! In addition, and can help with other tasks such as:

  • Increasing your internet presence through Search Engine Optimization
  • Streaming Plex
  • Secure file storage
  • External program such as chrome extensions or MS Excel program to help your online experience more effective and enjoyable

Whether your technological needs are personal or small business related, we aim to take the headache and hassle out of technology, all at affordable prices! Yep, I said it - affordable. For websites, we gather information and compile it in a manner specifically tailored for your company. For computer repairs, we roll up our sleeves and dig in to find the problem. Whatever the case, we aim to make you AND your wallet happy!

Check out our portfolio for some samples of our work!

Hi! My name is C S "Scott" Carrington, and I am the founder and creator of

Ever since my first real interaction with a computer, I've been fascinated with the machines. So much, in fact, that I've not only obtained my Computer Engineering degree, but also pursued any opportunity to learn and work with them. As a result, I've been working with computers for over 20 years and have held numerous job positions; from Call-Support to Technician, from Developer to Network Engineer.